About Me

Hello, my name is Rob and I have been doing Enterprise Content Management for over 18 years.  Even way back then when they call it Imaging.  I started out my career in ECM working mainly in a technical capacity.  Throughout the years, I have moved closer to the business side of things.  I settled myself on becoming the best Business Analyst that I could, but always kept a foot over on the technical side of things, as well.  I think that being able to bridge the gap of the business to the technical is the greatest asset that a Business Analyst can bring to any project.

I started this blog in the hope of bringing my years of experience and practical nature to the SharePoint community.  You know, give a little back, if you will.  I hope you all enjoy it and help to contribute with any constructive and welcomed advice.  I can be reached at rob@sharepointholmes.com or on twitter @drholmesnj.

Rob Holmes


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