Site Column Combo!

Quite often we develop taxonomies that have many sub types for each Content Type.  This can get awkward when the Library has many Content Types causing the view to get very wide.  One option is to create a calculated column that combines the site columns into a single column.  Please note that to get this to work properly you should make the default on a choice column blank.  Otherwise, it will show the default choice for each site column.

Lets start creating our new calculated column!  Click on the cog in the upper right of the screen.

Then select Site Settings (you will need at least design permissions to create a new site column).

Then click on Site Columns under the Web Designer Galleries section.

After that, click on Create in the upper left of the screen.

Select the Calculated (calculation based on other columns) radio button.

Name your new site column Calculated Column

For this exercise we will be combining Column 1 and Column 2.

Click on the formula area and enter =.  On the right select Column 1 and click on add to formula.  Then enter & and select Column 2 and click on add to formula.

The Formula should look like this :

=Column 1&Column 2

Next add you new Calculated Column to your view and you are good to go!

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Constant Content Quandaries Part 3

Well now that we have a brand spanking new document library lets take a moment to set it up to manage content types.  Again, please make sure that you have the proper rights to modify the library settings. It’s actually quite easy to set up a library to start utilizing content types. So lets do that. First make sure that you are in the location of your library and select the Library Tab.

Then select library settings over on the right hand side of the screen.

Then lets select Advanced Settings.

Now lets change the very first option of Allow Management of Content Types to “YES”.

We are almost done. Now scroll all the way to the bottom of Advanced Settings and click on the OK button to save our new settings.

See that was easy.  Now we are ready to start using Content Types.  In my next post, I will go through setting up our first of many Content Types.

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Constant Content Quandaries Part 2

Please note that this whole series is utilizing SharePoint 2010 SP1. 

If you want to start using content types, you are going to need a few things to get started.  The main thing that you are going to need is a site that you have sufficient rights to create and manage a new Document Library (preferably as the site collection administrator).

So lets create a Document Library in our Site. Start by selecting the Site Actions drop down in the upper left hand corner of your SharePoint Site.

Then Select New Document Library from the drop down.

Then enter your new libraries name and select OK.

Great now we have a brand new document library to play with.  Next up, we will configure the newly created document library to utilize content types.

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Welcome to

Welcome to my new Blog!  I am very excited to share with you my Business Analysis insights into SharePoint.  I hope my insights are helpful and I welcome any and all constructive comments/and or additions.

If you have any particular topics that you would like to hear about, you can contact me via email at or on twitter @SPHolmes1 and I will add it to my list.  I look forward to sharing with you. My first post will be on the challenges with content types and I think I will call it ” Constant Content Quandaries” (quite the tongue twister, no?).

Rob Holmes

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